Summer Youth Business Camp

DC Landlord Summer Camp

This summer the DC Landlord Association will host a 10 week Entrepreneurial Youth Summer Camp. If you have a child that you would like to put on a business track, this is the program for them.  They will participate in financial education and team building activities.
  • Accumulate volunteer hours (Campers)
  • Write off on taxes (Parents)
  • Scholarships
Your child must be between 12 – 18 years old to participate.  Your child will be grouped as follows:
  • Young Titans 12 – 14 
  • Executives 15 – 16
  • Moguls 17 – 18
You can pick which week you would like to register your child.  Every Friday we will participate in a fun activity.


    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business
    • Real Estate
    • Law
    • Financing
    • Marketing


  • Create a business plan.
  • Set-up a business.
  • General understanding of acquiring, renovating & selling real estate.
  • General understanding of managing property.
  • General understanding of identifying business opportunities.
  • Read & understand financial statements.
  • General understanding of raising capital for real estate projects.
  • Learn how to use real estate to offset the cost of college.


On Going Support

Once your child attends the DC Landlord summer camp, they are eligible to attend youth activities throughout the year.  They will have 1st option to apply for our paid internship program.  Participate in our college preparation, planning and support program.  Join our Junior DC Landlord Investment Club.

We will have a Youth Investment Group that will meet on the 1st Saturday of every month.  This will be FREE to students.  Where we will review & discuss business related books, the market & business opportunities.  We will also have continuous follow-up (tutoring & mentorship) and extra-curricular activities.  Each grading quarter we will present awards & scholarships.  We want to create a system that will guarantee the success of these youth.


  • Projects
    • Affordable Housing
    • Transitional Housing
    • Urban Development
    • Vacant Property
    • Business Formation
  •  Field Trips
    • Government Organizations
      • Housing & Urban Development
      • DC Regulatory Affairs
      • DC Housing & Community Development
      • DC Housing Authority
      • DC Superior Court
      • Landlord Tenant Court
    • Financial Institutions
    • Property Management Company
    • Real Estate Developer
    • General Contractor
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Mortgage Company
    • Insurance Company
    • Law Office
    • College Tour
    • Museums
    • Fun Activities

Program Dates

You can register your child week by week. There is a 10% discount to register for all 10 weeks.
February 1st Registration Begins
June 2nd Orientation @ 12p
June 25th – August 31st Summer Camp
  • Monday – Friday
  • Drop off 7:30a – 9a
  • Pick-up 4p – 5:30p
June 29th Fun Activity
July 2nd 1st Project Due
July 4th CLOSED
July 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th  Fun Activity
July 16th 2nd Project Due 
July 30th 3rd Project Due
August 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th  Fun Activity
August 13th 4th Project Due
August 27th Final Project Due
August 31st Cookout & Awards Ceremony

Program Cost

SIGN-UP TODAY = $250/ week

Partner Members, Buy 1 week,  Get 1 week FREE

This is a 10 week program. If you are on government assistance we have funding options. If you have a student that wants to attend, we don’t want the cost to stop them.  Application Fee $50. Sibling Discount is 25%. Limited Slots. 1st Come, 1st Serve!

Pre-Registration Period:
Before April 30th $250/ week.
After April 30th $300/ week

If you register before March 31st, you will have 50% off the cost of the camp for 2019.



6th & H St NE Washington DC 20002

Our Business Camp Will Provide:

  • Increased Reading, Math & Writing skills
  • Extra-curricular activities during the school year
  • College prep
  • Internship opportunities
  • Hands-on training for Business Owners and Investors to be


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