Membership- Partner

This is the membership that pays you back!

After the membership period, if you have not received 20% ROI of your membership fee, your membership fee is 100% fully refundable.  If you’re looking for customized/ personalized services, this is the membership for you.

The Partner Membership comes with:

  • 2 Year Membership
  • $1,000 Renovation Credit*
  • Personalized Acquisition & Strategic Plan
  • FREE Property Management Services (3 months)
  • Strategic Marketing Plan 
  • Rental License**
  • Profit Sharing
    • Every member you invite that joins, you receive 10% of the fee.
    • During your membership period, receive a % of the profits from our projects.


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Buy and Hold or Flip?:
Membership Option:
Enter Appropriate Membership Fee:*
Goals for joining the association?:
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* Renovation Credit: $1,000 Credit is issued; which can be used up to $100/ mo labor ONLY on projects with a minimum of $200 in labor cost.  Materials not included.

** Rental License: We will complete & file the proper paperwork to license your property.  Each additional property is $75.  This does not include the filing fees required by the District/ County.