Flipping The White House  

There’s a Landlord In the White House


President Trump

President of the United States, Businessman and Real Estate Developer

Based on the agendas & policies of the GOP, DC Landlords & Investors will do well during this Presidency.  Special interest are pushing free enterprise and limiting big government.  Which could convert to increased trade, development, acquisition and more opportunities.

Holding Court @ Trump International Hotel Washington DC

Just a few blocks away from the White House. Some elude to a major “conflict of interest”.  Some business strategist refer to it as an ingenious business design.


The Art of the Deal

Look for the revised edition in 2021. President Trump has continued the legacy of his father and has passed the baton to his children.  AKA Legacy and Generational Wealth continuation.


In Our Opinion

Lending guidelines will become less strict.  We’re guessing rates will increase, but the flexible lending options may offset.  This is the year Landlords should add to their portfolio.  Basically BUY BUY BUY!

Where to buy in DC? Location Location Location! Depends on your mission, vision, goals & resources.  Deanwood and Fort Dupont sections of DC are areas to investigate.

What to buy in DC?  Income producing assets & development opportunity projects.

We are picking Capitol Heights Maryland in Prince Georges County to do well as a result of DC’s success.



Always check with the DC Landlord Association before you buy. Leverage our expert knowledge on the DC market to get wise counsel.  Be careful getting into deals when you are under capitalized.

New policies must AVOID Profit Over People.  So about these “New Jobs”; Globally we’re moving to more automation and part time jobs with less benefits.  An uptick in crime will happen when citizens with lower income feel disenfranchised.  The 99% has to be properly restored to function independently of the government.  This will require the government’s resources to invest in it’s people.



The good news is that Business Owners, Developers & Investors should enjoy good success.  Cash Money Investors should invest in equity based (<75% Loan to Value) projects.  Put that lazy money to work.


First Order of Business

DC Council- we need to modify the antiquated DC Landlord & Tenant Laws. For example:

  1. Eliminate rent control
  2. Tenants should be required to put rent into escrow when an eviction action is initiated.
  3. Eviction process needs to be 90 Days MAX.
  4. If after the lease term is up & a Landlord, for ANY reason wants to take their property back, let them!


What’s Next?

  1. Consult with the DC Landlord Association
  2. Financial education
  3. Assess resources
  4. Start looking for deals
  5. Acquire
  6. Cash Flow



So if President Trump wants to join the DC Landlord Association, we suggest the Lifetime Membership @ a whopping [inquire at info@dclandlord.org].


Also, you are invited to be our speaker for the month of February.

Topic: How Can DC Landlords Capitalize On A Trump Presidency? Drastically Increase Cash Flow & Equity in 2017