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Welcome to The DC Landlord Association, a non-profit organization. We serve the Washington, DC landlord community. Our programs and services are designed to help small landlords effectively and efficiently own & operate property in the District & surrounding areas.  We help members & non-members.

We help/ provide:

    • Quality support system
    • The Rapid Tenant Response Program
    • Opportunity to network with other professionals
    • Real Estate acquisition assistance
    • Property management assistance
    • Contractor discounts
    • Legal assistance & discounts
    • Estate planning
    • Will & Trust creation


What business are we in?  We are in the business of helping Landlords.

Why do we need the DC Landlord Association?  Washington DC, has laws in place that lean heavily towards tenants. These laws are not fair.  The landlord association helps landlords navigate the landlord-tenant experience successfully.



The Landlord Tenant Resource Center
The Landlord Tenant Resource Center provides free legal information to both unrepresented landlords and unrepresented tenants who have residential housing disputes. Volunteer attorneys:

  • help self-represented persons understand court proceedings;
  • assist self-represented persons prepare pleadings;
  • coach self-represented persons how best to present cases in court;
  • provide information on how to obtain continuances and retain counsel;
  • make referrals to legal service providers in appropriate cases; and
  • inform low-income litigants of financial and other social service resources that might be available and refer them to the appropriate resources.

Court Building B, Room 115
510 4th Street, N.W.

The Resource Center does not provide assistance by phone. Those seeking assistance should come to the center during its operating hours.

Phone: 202-508-1710
Weekdays: 9:15a.m.-12:00noon



Why not just go to The Landlord Tenant Resource Center?  We recommend considering all available resources.  The problem in DC, is that there are very few resources for DC Landlords.  The DC Landlord Association specifically advocates for Landlords.

How are we able to provide high quality services at low prices?  We have networked & negotiated with landlords, investors, contractors & vendors to provide quality services at minimal to no cost.


Service Areas:

  • Washington DC
  • Montgomery County MD
  • Prince Georges County MD
  • Charles County MD
  • Alexadria VA
  • Arlington VA
  • Fairfax County VA



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DC Landlord Association

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