DC Rental License

We’ll Walk You Through The Process

Landlords in DC, we’re helping you get licensed. Getting your property licensed is a vital part to protecting your rights as a Landlord. Getting licensed also ensures your property is a safe place for Tenants.

Expires January 31, 2023

One-Family Rental
One-family rental, which shall include the rental of single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, individual condominium units, or individual rooms (including individual rooms in a residential building that the licensee also occupies);

Two-Family Rentals
Two-family rental, which shall include the rental of an English basement apartment, converted basement apartment, or carriage house in a single-family home where the main residence is occupied by the property owner or another tenant; and

Apartment Houses
Apartment houses, which shall include the rental of buildings with three (3) or more dwelling units.


As of April 1, 2021

One Family and Two Family Rentals must pass an inspection prior to submitting a license application. For information and to schedule an inspection click below.